December 19, 2012

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Woman Wielding a Sword Arrested at Masjid al-Rahman and LPS campus

Orlando, FL - December 19, 2012 -  An unidentified woman wielding a sword was arrested Wednesday morning at the Islamic Society of Central Florida’s (ISCF) Masjid al-Rahman and Leaders Preparatory School (LPS) campuses on Goldenrod Rd.  Security staff at the campus asked the woman, whom they did not recognize, who she was there to visit.  The woman did not respond and placed the unsheathed sword on the dashboard and continued to drive onto the campus.  LPS was immediately placed on lockdown and students secured in their classrooms as law enforcement officials swiftly responded to the perceived threat.  The motives of the woman’s actions are unknown at this time.  ISCF is awaiting, and has full faith in, the thorough investigation being conducted by law enforcement.

ISCF would like to thank our security staff for being on heightened alert in light of the recent tragedies, and for the immediate response by law enforcement officials and agencies.  The professionalism and concern for the safety of our children by our local law enforcement officials was commendable and we thank them for it.  May God keep us all safe, especially those on the front lines, in His Mercy and Protection. 


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